Tammy McCool


Meet Tammy McCool, the vibrant receptionist at Plateau Veterinary Hospital! When she's not warmly welcoming clients, Tammy enjoys hiking to stunning waterfalls with her two beloved pomeranians, Moon and Sunshine. She's a beach lover and a passionate gardener, finding joy in beach trips and tending to her garden oasis. Family time is at the heart of Tammy's life, making it one of her top priorities alongside her furry companions and outdoor adventures.

At Plateau Veterinary Hospital, Tammy's dedication to animals shines through as she brings her pups to work, creating a family-like atmosphere. With an impressive 26 years in the field, Tammy's commitment to exceptional customer service is unwavering. She goes the extra mile to ensure every client receives the best care for their pets, offering assistance with care credit, online pharmacy services, and personalized care tailored to each pet's unique needs.