Dog Breeder Services

Plateau Veterinary Hospital is excited to offer a new service for Central Oregon dog breeders.

Not every veterinarian has an interest or the equipment to help breeders doing artificial insemination, heat cycle timing, planned Caesarian sections etc. At Plateau, we can now offer in-house Brucellosis testing, LH testing, blood Progesterone levels in-house with 30-minute turn-around times at very competitive prices. We have invested in a state-of-the-art puppy incubator for post-Caesarian, or for ill puppies that controls humidity, temperature, and oxygenation, with integral oxygen generator to help with puppy survival.

We will be offering both standing artificial insemination, and surgical inseminations, as well as semen evaluations for male dogs.

It is our aim to work with you, the canine breeder, as a partner in your breeding program to improve conception and neonatal survival. We hope to provide assistance to help with as little or as much as breeders require. Many breeders are highly proficient and educated, but we can help with timely testing or more assistance if that is required.