• 8 Jan

    The Dam's The Thing: Care Of The Pregnant Bitch

    The Dam's The Thing: Care Of The Pregnant Bitch  ACVIM 2002 Joni L. Freshman, DVM, MS, DACVIM Colorado Springs, CO INTRODUCTION Breeders spend thousands of dollars and hours planning and bringing about an important breeding. A single breeding may be the culmination of years of work and generations of ...

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  • 18 Oct

    Where do Oregonians get their Dogs?

    Years ago, many Oregonians got new family pet dogs from various sources: shelters, individual dog breeders, or pet shops. Today, by far, the largest source of pet dogs are rescue associations, humane societies etc. In Oregon, we actually have more people to adopt dogs than we have supply. So many ...

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  • 2 Apr
  • 13 Jan


    THE FLEA DILEMMA Every day we get questions from clients about fleas and the two most common phrases we hear are: “My pet has never had fleas before” or “This is the worst flea season ever” The reality is you may not have noticed fleas on your pet before and ...

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  • 12 Jan


    Welcome to Willamette Valley Animal Hospital’s series of articles, tips and factoids on topics we get the most questions about. These articles are intended to give you an objective set of facts that will both inform you and hopefully save you money while maintaining the health and well ...

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