The Ultimate Pet Owners Guide to Ruptured Cruciate Surgery in Dogs

The Goal

My goal is to give dog owners the most comprehensive, scientifically based information to help them first determine if their beloved dog has cruciate damage, and then to help them decide how to treat the rupture. I am NOT selling any product or supplement so if you see anything for sale, first, it’s not me and second, DON'T BUY IT. This guide will have numerous links to articles and videos that I think are helpful and detail how and why cruciate rupture happens, and what a ruptured cruciate looks like (no blood or gore, promise). Many articles and videos will also explain the various procedures available, however, the field of veterinary medicine is progressing every day and there is a relatively new procedure (at least to...

The Flea Dilemma by John Maddigan

The Flea Dilemma

Every day we get questions from clients about fleas and the two most common phrases we hear are:

“My pet has never had fleas before” or

“This is the worst flea season ever”

The reality is you may not have noticed fleas on your pet before and the fact that our winters may not be as cold now as in previous years enable that tough little flea to survive almost year round in America.

Where Did My Pet Get the Fleas?

If you have a backyard that is probably your best answer to where your pet first came into contact with a flea. Other animals like squirrels, raccoons, mice and feral cats can get into your backyard easily and deposit any number of fleas into your pet’s environment. These same wild animals probably also frequent places where you walk y...

Pet Nutrition with John Maddigan

Welcome to Willamette Valley Animal Hospital’s series of articles, tips and factoids on topics we get the most questions about. These articles are intended to give you an objective set of facts that will both inform you and hopefully save you money while maintaining the health and well being of your pet. All of the articles will be based ON SCIENTIFIC FACTS and not anecdotal (I heard this from a friend or saw it on the internet) hearsay, remember from 3 to 9 percent of people still think Elvis is alive!!

The first topic we will cover will be pet nutrition. Let me make two important points right from the start: one, this can be a very controversial topic, so don’t shoot the messenger and two, we do not sell the pet food I will ...