Happy Ending Fund

The Happy Ending Fund is built on donations from our valued clients and a portion of our profits. It enables Plateau Veterinary Hospital to help those pets that are in desperate need of medical attention. Money should not have to be the deciding factor for responsible pet owners on a budget or in crisis. Through our fundraising efforts, our hospital has donated thousands of dollars in goods and services to families and rescues in Oregon.

Now you can help add to this fund by ordering your very own Plateau Veterinary Hospital Sweatshirt or Bandana. Not only that, but every product is produced locally by small business owners in Bend, Oregon. Your purchase will go on to help the lives of pets and people in our own community.

Once you've filled and submitted your order, our staff will process that order and contact you when it arrives.

Payment will be required at the time of pickup from Plateau Veterinary Hospital.

Happy Ending Fund